Most Active Warrants in Switzerland 06.10.2021 – DAX, SMI, Roche, Novartis, ABB, Swiss Re, Dufry, Bachem, Comet

As part of my algo collection I scan derivatives trades, in order to find unusual patterns and early indicators. Below are the following lists: 1) Turnover Total by Issuer and Underlying (i.e. company), 2) List of largest trades in Mid&Small Cap Swizerland 3) Foreign Shares 4) Large Cap Switzerland 5) Index Warrants – all single trades by size from 06.10.2021 6) Market Share and Turnover. Such lists can prove useful when searching for active instruments when looking to increase exposure or leverage. The stocks highlighted in the headline are from the Swiss Small & Mid Cap space I focus most attention on.

1) Market Overview Warrants Switzerland


2) Small & Mid Cap Switzerland


3) Foreign Shares


4) Large Cap Switzerland

5) Index Warrants

6) Market Share and Turnover Total Value


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