Cyber Detection, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence Unit, Advanced Analytics Team

How is the Artificial Intelligence Unit within Advanced Analytics Team structured

The Advanced Analytics team is part of the Chief Information Security Office (CISO) within Group Technology and strives to detect malicious activities within the IT infrastructure as well as technically complex cyber-attacks in early phases of attack lifecycle. It is a young and empowered team always seeking excellence and continuous improvement.

What fascination and mindset is needed for the Advanced Analytics Team

You should be fascinated by advanced analytics leveraging the latest artificial intelligence methodologies & technologies as well as statistical approaches. In addition you should be innovative, analytical and deeply motivated by the fascinating and bound to grow world of cyber security.

What tasks does an Advanced Analytics Team work on, specifically Artificial Intelligence Unit

Developing and enhancing advanced cyber detection models based on artificial intelligence as well as statistical techniques. Detecting not only potentially malicious activities within the IT infrastructure but also technically complex cyber-attacks in early phases of attack lifecycle. You should be familiar with the latest big data technologies to evolve and harness the daily growing multi-terabytes cyber data lake. In addition you should apply the latest software engineering techniques to reach full model automation and integration by working with the 24/7 fully robotized Security Analytics platform (SECA). A further necessity is to collaborate within the broader Advanced Analytics team to apply artificial intelligence techniques to in-house available vendor technologies. Also you would work on artificial data synthesis to support artificial intelligence models as well as the model testing framework.

What Experience and Know-How does an Artificial Intelligence Unit have

Senior and experienced machine learning engineers, data scientists, quantitative analysts and/or quantitative model developers. Also with experience in the field of security. Employees have a bachelor degree in a quantitative, scientific or technological area (Mathematics, Statistics, Computer Science, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence). Also they will have strong programming skills in Python, practical experience with at least one of its mainstream deep learning frameworks (Keras, TensorFlow, PyTorch) and ideally additional experience with an ecosystem around managing the Artificial Intelligence model lifecycle (MLflow, hyperopt, etc.). That will be rounded off with practical knowledge of several techniques & methodologies used in advanced analytics: Statistics, deep learning (Neural Networks architecture research and hyper-parameters tuning). Some with information security know-how and practical experience. Some with experience with data engineering and also with big data technologies (Spark, etc.). Finally the mindset encompasses strong analytical, problem-solving and synthesizing skills when dealing with complex issues and the ability to take personal ownership and drive remediation.

What kind of test environment is used for gauging prospective employees – HackerRank

The employer will want to see your coding skills first-hand. You will be nvited to complete a Coding Challenge within the next 7 calendar days. You’ll need to solve the challenge in a native coding environment with real-time feedback. This simulation will help the employer gauge if your skills are a good match for the role and team. It’ll also give you some insight into the types of challenges that may be part of your working environment when working at a bank in the Artificial Intelligence Unit, Advanced Analytics Team. You will also be given a practice test to give you a chance to familiarize yourself with the HackerRank environment. This is located on the test landing page, which you will be brought to after clicking „Start Test“ sent to you.

Questions or feedback?

The above information is based on Open Source Intelligence gathered about UBS. Feel free to write me at or add a comment.

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