DDoS Mitigation – Cached Bandwidth, Additional Servers, Informing National Cybercrime Center, Report to Cantonal Police

As part of running a website you may run into attempts to disrupt your service. In the last few days, starting 10.04.2021 with intensity, there were several attemps to block access to this website. It appears it was a small botnet with a maximum of 2k unique IPs per hour, however generating quite substantial traffic and causing a challenging situation.

For that reason I am happy to announce that as of 12.04.2021, in addition to zuberbuehler-associates.ch there is now also zuberbuehler-associates.com with a more or less mirrored website.

In addition, as part of the mitigation it is useful to be in contact with the National Cybercrime Center and to report the details to the Cantonal Police at the domicile of the company affected.

If you have any questions, feel free to post a comment or write me at contact@zuberbuehler-associates.ch

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