CW5 – Positive Momentum Stocks Switzerland – Mid & Small Cap 07.02.2021

This list shows all the Swiss Mid & Small Cap equities making a new high on 05.02.2021 (and CW5 in general).

Investors following momentum strategies will be using such data to filter their investment universe for investable opportunities. See this list for end of January new highs.

See this list for CW4 new highs.

Momentum investing involves a strategy to capitalize on the continuance of an existing market trend according to investopedia. Momentum investing means using a rule based framework, which prioritises equities that have recently risen faster or higher than the average (and below average) equities. A risk-adjusted and a non risk-adjusted performance are calculated for a short term (around 6 month) and a medium term (around 12 month) timeframe. These performance returns will generate a ‘momentum factor’, which has been shown to be an important component of equity market returns.

As part of my algo collection, I use such criteria to monitor the Swiss Mid & Small Cap universe in Switzerland and generate buy and sell signals. The Swiss Mid & Small Cap universe currently encompasses 208 equities listed on the Swiss Exchange. I also monitor over 1550 ETF listed on the Swiss Exchange.

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