Most Active ETP in Switzerland 21.01.2021 – WisdomTree Bitcoin, 21Shares Bitcoin, CS Physical BTC

The largest ETP turnover on 21.01.2021 was in: [‚WisdomTree Bitcoin‘, ’21Shares Bitcoin‘, ‚CS PHYSICAL BTC‘, ’21Shares Ethereum ETP‘, ’21Shares Bitcoin Suisse Index‘]


Digital asset manager CoinShares announced 19/01/2021 the launch of CoinShares Physical Bitcoin, an exchange-traded product (ETP) with each unit backed by on-chain BTC. The product will carry the ticker symbol “BITC.”

“BITC will be the first product released on CoinShares’ new institutional-grade ETP platform and will launch with significant assets under management,” according to a release shared with Bitcoin Magazine. “Each unit of BITC is backed with 0.001 bitcoin at launch, providing investors with passive exposure to bitcoin and the convenience of an exchange-traded product.”

BITC will be listed on the Swiss Stock Exchange (SIX) and carry a base fee of 0.98 percent. Because it is launching with more than $100 million in assets under management, CoinShares expects the product to satisfy institutional and corporate baselines for investment.

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