Most Active Warrants in Switzerland 16.12.2020 – AMS, Zur Rose, Bobst

As part of my algo collection I also scan derivatives trades, in order to find unusual patterns and early indicators. Below are three lists: 1) Turnover Total by Issuer and Underlying (i.e. company), 2) List of largest trades in Mid&Small Cap Swizerland + Foreign Shares 3) Large Cap Switzerland single trades by size from 16.12.2020. Such lists can prove useful when searching for active instruments when looking to increase exposure or leverage. The three stocks highlighted in the headline are from the Swiss Small & Mid Cap space I focus most attention on.

1) Market Overview Warrants Switzerland

2) Small & Mid Cap + Foreign Shares Warrant Trades CHF >30’000.-

SymbolUnderlyingPrice 3VolumeTurnoverIssuer
WTSDSVTesla Inc.1.415330’000466’950Bank Vontobel
AMSRJBAMS AG2.2680’000180’800Bank Julius Bär
WTSDSVTesla Inc.1.42120’000170’400Bank Vontobel
LOGYJBLogitech International SA0.73150’000109’500Bank Julius Bär
STMAJBStraumann Hldg. AG0.89100’00089’000Bank Julius Bär
VOWJJBVolkswagen AG (Vz)0.48140’00067’200Bank Julius Bär
VIFKJBVifor Pharma AG0.47140’00065’800Bank Julius Bär
BIDRJBBaidu Inc.0.32200’00064’000Bank Julius Bär
BOZOJBBobst Group S.A.0.34149’98550’995Bank Julius Bär
WLOA5VLogitech International SA3.3615’00050’400Bank Vontobel
VOWJJBVolkswagen AG (Vz)0.48100’00048’000Bank Julius Bär
ROXAJBZur Rose Group AG0.47100’00047’000Bank Julius Bär
TEMGJBTemenos AG0.24165’00039’600Bank Julius Bär
ROXKJBZur Rose Group AG0.28140’00039’200Bank Julius Bär
CBKJJBCommerzbank AG0.26150’00039’000Bank Julius Bär
DUFCJBDufry AG0.146250’00036’500Bank Julius Bär
WSOAQVSonova Hldg. AG0.8540’00034’000Bank Vontobel
BOZOJBBobst Group S.A.0.33199’99033’097Bank Julius Bär
AMZQJBAMS AG0.16190’00030’400Bank Julius Bär
ROXRJBZur Rose Group AG0.560’00030’000Bank Julius Bär

3) Large Cap Warrant Trades CHF >30’000.-

SymbolUnderlyingPrice 3VolumeTurnoverIssuer
WWROGURoche AG1.7300’000510’000UBS
WWROGURoche AG1.68300’000504’000UBS
ZURUVUZurich Insurance Group AG1.2100’000120’000UBS
SLHUJBSwiss Life Hldg. N0.46200’00092’000Bank Julius Bär
WTROGURoche AG0.91100’00091’000UBS
UTNMMUZurich Insurance Group AG0.91100’00091’000UBS
RGOGEURoche AG0.28300’00084’000UBS
WROBHVRoche AG0.25300’00075’000Bank Vontobel
SLHAMZSwiss Life Hldg. N0.68100’00068’000Zürcher Kantonalbank
SLHAMZSwiss Life Hldg. N0.66100’00066’000Zürcher Kantonalbank
SLHAMZSwiss Life Hldg. N0.66100’00066’000Zürcher Kantonalbank
SLHAMZSwiss Life Hldg. N0.66100’00066’000Zürcher Kantonalbank
SLHAMZSwiss Life Hldg. N0.65100’00065’000Zürcher Kantonalbank
SLHAMZSwiss Life Hldg. N0.63100’00063’000Zürcher Kantonalbank
WSRAQVSwiss RE AG0.39150’00058’500Bank Vontobel
SLHUBUSwiss Life Hldg. N0.8370’00058’100UBS
RO0GWURoche AG0.19300’00057’000UBS
UKUBSUUBS Group AG0.3185’00055’500UBS
ZURBUZZurich Insurance Group AG0.26200’00052’000Zürcher Kantonalbank
ROGBBZRoche AG0.2247’50049’500Zürcher Kantonalbank
WSRAQVSwiss RE AG0.36129’90046’764Bank Vontobel
SLHFJBSwiss Life Hldg. N0.8850’00044’000Bank Julius Bär
SLHFJBSwiss Life Hldg. N0.8650’00043’000Bank Julius Bär
ROGBBZRoche AG0.17250’00042’500Zürcher Kantonalbank
WSRAQVSwiss RE AG0.41100’50041’205Bank Vontobel
CSGWPUCredit Suisse Group AG0.08500’00040’000UBS
WSRAQVSwiss RE AG0.4100’00040’000Bank Vontobel
UNSREUSwiss RE AG0.2200’00040’000UBS
ZURKJBZurich Insurance Group AG0.4100’00040’000Bank Julius Bär
NOVDUZNovartis AG0.065600’00039’000Zürcher Kantonalbank
NOVDUZNovartis AG0.055700’00038’500Zürcher Kantonalbank
WSRAQVSwiss RE AG0.38100’00038’000Bank Vontobel
WSRAQVSwiss RE AG0.38100’00038’000Bank Vontobel
UOROGURoche AG0.15250’00037’500UBS
WSLA3VSwiss Life Hldg. N0.4680’00036’800Bank Vontobel
WSRAQVSwiss RE AG0.36100’00036’000Bank Vontobel
NESIWUNestlé S.A.0.35100’00035’000UBS
USSREUSwiss RE AG0.5760’00034’200UBS
ROGBBZRoche AG0.17200’00034’000Zürcher Kantonalbank
NOVXWUNovartis AG0.13250’00032’500UBS
WKSREUSwiss RE AG0.6450’00032’000UBS
WCFAOVCompagnie Financière Richemont SA0.31100’00031’000Bank Vontobel
ROGAWZRoche AG0.9332’29930’038Zürcher Kantonalbank
UKUBSUUBS Group AG0.3100’00030’000UBS
NOVXWUNovartis AG0.12250’00030’000UBS
ZURWYUZurich Insurance Group AG0.650’00030’000UBS
SLWHRUSwiss Life Hldg. N0.3100’00030’000UBS

4) Market Share and Turnover Total Value

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