Most Active Warrants in Switzerland 15.12.2020 – AMS, Zur Rose, Sonova, Software One, Dufry

As part of my algo collection I also scan derivatives trades, in order to find unusual patterns and early indicators. Below are three lists: 1) Turnover Total by Issuer and Underlying (i.e. company), 2) List of largest trades in Mid&Small Cap Swizerland + Foreign Shares 3) Large Cap Switzerland single trades by size from 15.12.2020. Such lists can prove useful when searching for active instruments when looking to increase exposure or leverage. The five stocks highlighted in the headline are from the Swiss Small & Mid Cap space I focus most attention on.

1) Market Overview Warrants Switzerland

UnderlyingJulius BärVontobelUBSZKBTotal
Roche AG1’761’800354’0002’115’800
Novartis AG168’000157’500215’75094’250635’500
Credit Suisse Group AG368’00024’00020’000412’000
DAX Index179’28037’250194’550411’080
UBS Group AG265’080265’080
Swiss Life Hldg. N13’000235’500248’500
AMS AG27’000220’850247’850
Zur Rose Group AG237’020237’020
Nestlé S.A.225’000225’000
Lonza Group N23’000110’10063’701196’801
Siemens AG167’200167’200
Sika AG140’00022’200162’200
Zurich Insurance Group AG32’00072’00037’500141’500
Sonova Hldg. AG136’000136’000
Dufry AG50’71073’080123’790
SoftwareONE Hldg.122’200122’200
ABB N120’000120’000
Logitech International SA107’000107’000
Belimo Hldg. AG99’92099’920 Inc.74’40018’90093’300
Tesla Inc.60’90025’80086’700
S&P 500 Index76’80076’800
Straumann Hldg. AG55’80055’800
EURO STOXX 50 Index51’30051’300
Swiss RE AG51’20051’200
Leonteq AG49’50049’500
Apple Inc.10’78433’00043’784
Volkswagen AG (Vz)14’00028’00042’000
Valora Hldg. AG40’80040’800
Facebook Inc.37’00037’000
Ems-Chemie Hldg. AG36’80036’800
Compagnie Financière Richemont SA35’00035’000
Swatch Group I30’81030’810
Sanofi S.A.30’00030’000
Huber+Suhner AG26’00026’000
Stadler Rail AG24’75024’750
Bayerische Motoren Werke AG21’00021’000
Swisscom N21’00021’000
Partners Group Hldg. AG21’00021’000
Baidu Inc.20’00020’000
U-BLOX AG17’10017’100
Advanced Micro Devices Inc.15’52515’525
Comet Hldg. AG14’00014’000
Dormakaba AG12’50012’500
Netflix Inc.11’10011’100

2) Small & Mid Cap + Foreign Shares Warrant Trades CHF >30’000.-

SIEDJBSiemens AG1.672100’000167’200Bank Julius Bär
WSOAQVSonova Hldg. AG0.85160’000136’000Bank Vontobel
SWOEJBSoftwareONE Hldg.0.611200’000122’200Bank Julius Bär
ROXAJBZur Rose Group AG0.57150’00085’500Bank Julius Bär Inc.1.2460’00074’400Bank Julius Bär
DUFS9UDufry AG2.3225’00058’000UBS
STMUSUStraumann Hldg. AG0.6290’00055’800UBS
LOGGJBLogitech International SA1.1150’00055’500Bank Julius Bär
AMSBXZAMS AG0.7375’00054’750Zürcher Kantonalbank
LOGGJBLogitech International SA1.0350’00051’500Bank Julius Bär
WSRAQVSwiss RE AG0.32160’00051’200Bank Vontobel
AMSCCZAMS AG1.0250’00051’000Zürcher Kantonalbank
XAGAPZSilver1.0945’00049’050Zürcher Kantonalbank
ROXKJBZur Rose Group AG0.4120’00048’000Bank Julius Bär
AMSCCZAMS AG0.9650’00048’000Zürcher Kantonalbank
ROXKJBZur Rose Group AG0.38100’00038’000Bank Julius Bär
FB8ODUFacebook Inc.0.37100’00037’000UBS
EMSJJBEms-Chemie Hldg. AG0.9240’00036’800Bank Julius Bär
AA3PDUApple Inc.0.5560’00033’000UBS

3) Large Cap Warrant Trades CHF >30’000.-

WWROGURoche AG1.7300’000510’000UBS
WWROGURoche AG1.7300’000510’000UBS
WWROGURoche AG1.7300’000510’000UBS
WTNESUNestlé S.A.0.81200’000162’000UBS
CSPQJBCredit Suisse Group AG0.62200’000124’000Bank Julius Bär
CSPQJBCredit Suisse Group AG0.62200’000124’000Bank Julius Bär
CSPQJBCredit Suisse Group AG0.6200’000120’000Bank Julius Bär
ABBWRUABB N1.2100’000120’000UBS
UBWSZUUBS Group AG0.54200’000108’000UBS
SLHAXZSwiss Life Hldg. N0.61150’00091’500Zürcher Kantonalbank
SLHAXZSwiss Life Hldg. N0.6150’00090’000Zürcher Kantonalbank
WTROGURoche AG0.89100’00089’000UBS
RGOGEURoche AG0.26300’00078’000UBS
WSIAFVSika AG0.72100’00072’000Bank Vontobel
WSIAFVSika AG0.68100’00068’000Bank Vontobel
WUBS2UUBS Group AG0.33200’00066’000UBS
USNESUNestlé S.A.0.42150’00063’000UBS
NOVCCZNovartis AG0.27200’00054’000Zürcher Kantonalbank
SLHAMZSwiss Life Hldg. N0.54100’00054’000Zürcher Kantonalbank
WUBS1UUBS Group AG0.51100’00051’000UBS
NOVGJBNovartis AG0.16300’00048’000Bank Julius Bär
WNOC3VNovartis AG0.105400’00042’000Bank Vontobel
LONAPZLonza Group N2.0820’00041’600Zürcher Kantonalbank
ZURAVZZurich Insurance Group AG0.15250’00037’500Zürcher Kantonalbank
WNOV6UNovartis AG0.37100’00037’000UBS
ROGBBZRoche AG0.18200’00036’000Zürcher Kantonalbank
ROGBBZRoche AG0.18200’00036’000Zürcher Kantonalbank
WCFAOVCompagnie Financière Richemont SA0.35100’00035’000Bank Vontobel
ROGBBZRoche AG0.17200’00034’000Zürcher Kantonalbank
WZUBKVZurich Insurance Group AG1.620’00032’000Bank Vontobel
WNOC3VNovartis AG0.105300’00031’500Bank Vontobel
ROGBBZRoche AG0.18175’00031’500Zürcher Kantonalbank
WNOC3VNovartis AG0.105300’00031’500Bank Vontobel
UHREJBSwatch Group I0.7939’00030’810Bank Julius Bär
WSUBSUUBS Group AG0.3100’00030’000UBS

4) Market Share and Turnover Total Value

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