Most Active Real Estate Investment Funds in Switzerland in CHF – 10.12.2020

The following list was generated searching for any investment funds that had over CHF 1 million traded value on 10.12.2020 (previous: 18.11.2020). Note that the turnover in property related stocks and funds has been higher in the past week. Note that Credit Suisse had to liquidate a property fund 30.11.2020 that invests in commercial real estate. And they also have their flagship hospitality fund (HOSP) that has seen a 20% drop in market cap in 2020, as it invests in hotels that have stopped paying rent, in some cases. Just those two funds have seen CHF 300m disappear (valuation).

As you can see the funds are all real easte funds (REF). The largest market share for daily equity trading has gone to ETF segment (lower total expenser ratios – TER) or is booked in house by the banks (i.e. not traded transparently on an exchange). However it can be seen from the turnover of the funds listed below, that there is also decent liquidity for property funds for those investors looking to gain exposure to the Swiss property market.

Investment FundCHF TurnoverISINValorSymbol
UBS SWISS SIMA10’066’739CH0014420878SIMA
CS REF SIAT6’366’771CH0012913700SIAT
UBS SWISS ANFOS4’432’824CH0014420829ANFO
CS REF LIVING PLUS3’838’065CH0031069328CSLP
CS REF GREEN PROP3’752’000CH0100778445GREEN
Swiss Life REF (CH)2’974’162CH0293784861SLREFS
SOLVL 61 PRT2’764’382CH0002785456SOL
SWISSCANTO IFCA2’462’401CH0037430946SIC
GOOD BUILDINGS2’399’832CH0142902003GOOD
REALSTONE DEV2’399’115CH0109058716RDF
UBS FONCIPARS2’151’232CH0014420852FONC
CS REF INTERSWISS2’121’392CH0002769351INT
Immo Helvetic1’663’467CH0002770102IMHE
Rothschild RE Swiss1’557’006CH0124238004ERRES
CS REF LogisticsPlus1’487’391CH0245633950CSLOG
LA FONCIERE1’408’497CH0002782263FOC
UBS SW SWISSREAL1’306’618CH0014420886SREA
SF Sustainable Property1’180’695CH0120791253SFPF
UBS DIRECT RES1’097’410CH0026465366DRPF

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