Most Active Warrants in Switzerland 08.12.2020 – AMS, Vifor Pharma, Zur Rose

As part of my algo collection I also scan derivatives trades, in order to find unusual patterns and early indicators. This is the list of single trades by size from 08.12.2020. Such lists can prove useful when searching for active instruments when looking to increase exposure or leverage. The three stocks highlighted in the headline are from the Swiss Small & Mid Cap space I focus most attention on.

Small & Mid Cap + Foreign Shares Warrant Trades CHF >25’000.-

SymbolUnderlyingPrice VolumeTurnoverIssuer
WTSANVTesla Inc.0.67150’000100’500Bank Vontobel
TSXNJBTesla Inc.0.37200’00074’000Bank Julius Bär
WUSABVDevisen USD/CHF0.71100’00071’000Bank Vontobel
BABIJBAlibaba Group Hldg.0.68100’00068’000Bank Julius Bär
VIFKJBVifor Pharma AG0.45150’00067’500Bank Julius Bär
ASCBJBAscom Hldg. AG0.616100’00061’600Bank Julius Bär
BAPUJBBaloise N0.39150’00058’500Bank Julius Bär
BKWOJBBKW AG0.7675’00057’000Bank Julius Bär
TEMAQZTemenos AG0.25225’00056’250Zürcher Kantonalbank
VOWJJBVolkswagen AG (Vz)0.36150’00054’000Bank Julius Bär
LOGGJBLogitech International SA0.9953’00052’470Bank Julius Bär
BAPUJBBaloise N0.34150’00051’000Bank Julius Bär
SANLJBSanofi S.A.0.1500’00050’000Bank Julius Bär
SANLJBSanofi S.A.0.1500’00050’000Bank Julius Bär
SANLJBSanofi S.A.0.1500’00050’000Bank Julius Bär
SANLJBSanofi S.A.0.1500’00050’000Bank Julius Bär
TSXBJBTesla Inc.0.41120’00049’200Bank Julius Bär
VIFKJBVifor Pharma AG0.45100’00045’000Bank Julius Bär
IDIAHZIdorsia AG0.11400’00044’000Zürcher Kantonalbank
WTSE8VTesla Inc.0.145300’00043’500Bank Vontobel
BABIJBAlibaba Group Hldg.0.6850’00034’000Bank Julius Bär
WAMCNVAMS AG0.29115’00033’350Bank Vontobel
BOZOJBBobst Group S.A.0.329100’00032’900Bank Julius Bär
APLWJUApple Inc.0.9435’00032’900UBS
BOZOJBBobst Group S.A.0.325100’00032’500Bank Julius Bär
TSLVJBTesla Inc.1.6120’00032’200Bank Julius Bär
WAMCNVAMS AG0.32100’00032’000Bank Vontobel
AMGSWUAMS AG0.6346’50029’295UBS
WAMCNVAMS AG0.29100’00029’000Bank Vontobel
BIDJJBBaidu Inc.0.29100’00029’000Bank Julius Bär
ROXNJBZur Rose Group AG0.5650’00028’000Bank Julius Bär
ROXNJBZur Rose Group AG0.5250’00026’000Bank Julius Bär
WAMBLVAMS AG0.26100’00026’000Bank Vontobel
VIFKJBVifor Pharma AG0.4360’00025’800Bank Julius Bär

On the topic of Tesla, you should read GMO comments:

Tesla has risen some 800% since the fall of 2019 on the back of 17% growth in vehicles sold. It now has a greater market cap than the sum of all the other U.S. automakers, all the European automakers, and all the Korean automakers, with Honda, Mazda, and Nissan thrown in for good measure. That collection of companies sold approximately 100 times as many cars as Tesla did in 2019. But Tesla isn’t the craziest thing that happened this year, and that is true even if we restrict ourselves to looking only at electric vehicle companies named after Nikola Tesla. This spring a wouldbe Tesla called Nikola went public via a reverse merger with a SPAC9 at a valuation of $3 billion. In the 2020 EV frenzy, it rose 10-fold to a market cap of about $30 billion. This company is a rare bird in the stock market, a pre-revenue manufacturing company. In fact, Nikola is not only pre-revenue, having never sold any vehicles it has produced, it has also never produced a vehicle. Further, it has not even built the factory in which it aspires to build the trucks that it has yet to sell. This summer, a report came out detailing allegations that almost all of the claims of Nikola’s Elon Musk wannabe founder over the few years of its existence were lies. That founder, Trevor Milton, was forced to resign and the company has yet to meaningfully refute any of the claims made in the report. The stock duly fell, but even after information came out showing that pretty much everything the company has claimed to accomplish in its history was a lie, it still has a market cap more than three times its value at its public debut less than a year ago – a valuation that was presumably predicated on the company’s claims actually being true. 

And on Nikola you should read Hindenburg Research reporting, which is partly being referenced by GMO.

Large Cap Warrant Trades CHF >30’000.-

SymbolUnderlyingPrice VolumeTurnoverIssuer
SREVJBSwiss RE AG0.48500’000240’000Bank Julius Bär
WTNESUNestlé S.A.0.78200’000156’000UBS
WTNESUNestlé S.A.0.78200’000156’000UBS
WSIFVVSika AG1.35100’000135’000Bank Vontobel
UTNMMUZurich Insurance Group AG0.86100’00086’000UBS
UTNMMUZurich Insurance Group AG0.86100’00086’000UBS
WYROGURoche AG0.84100’00084’000UBS
WROBHVRoche AG0.23300’00069’000Bank Vontobel
SLHAMZSwiss Life Hldg. N0.68100’00068’000Zürcher Kantonalbank
URROGURoche AG0.44150’00066’000UBS
WSRAQVSwiss RE AG0.39140’00054’600Bank Vontobel
ROGUXURoche AG0.25200’00050’000UBS
WNES9UNestlé S.A.0.48100’00048’000UBS
SLHAFZSwiss Life Hldg. N0.32150’00048’000Zürcher Kantonalbank
WZUBYVZurich Insurance Group AG0.9550’00047’500Bank Vontobel
SLHAFZSwiss Life Hldg. N0.31150’00046’500Zürcher Kantonalbank
SLHAFZSwiss Life Hldg. N0.31150’00046’500Zürcher Kantonalbank
SLHAFZSwiss Life Hldg. N0.31150’00046’500Zürcher Kantonalbank
WROBHVRoche AG0.22200’00044’000Bank Vontobel
WSRE6USwiss RE AG0.21200’00042’000UBS
URROGURoche AG0.42100’00042’000UBS
WROBHVRoche AG0.21200’00042’000Bank Vontobel
WTROGURoche AG0.8250’00041’000UBS
WTROGURoche AG0.8150’00040’500UBS
UTNMMUZurich Insurance Group AG0.8746’00040’020UBS
URROGURoche AG0.4100’00040’000UBS
WJNESUNestlé S.A.0.7950’00039’500UBS
WJNESUNestlé S.A.0.7750’00038’500UBS
SLHAFZSwiss Life Hldg. N0.25150’00037’500Zürcher Kantonalbank
WLOANVLonza Group N0.145250’00036’250Bank Vontobel
ROGWTURoche AG0.12300’00036’000UBS
SLHAFZSwiss Life Hldg. N0.23150’00034’500Zürcher Kantonalbank
ROGCBZRoche AG0.4280’00033’600Zürcher Kantonalbank
ROGUMURoche AG0.5560’00033’000UBS
WNOC3VNovartis AG0.11300’00033’000Bank Vontobel
LONAVZLonza Group N1.6218’80030’456Zürcher Kantonalbank
CSGWPUCredit Suisse Group AG0.101300’00030’300UBS
CSGWPUCredit Suisse Group AG0.101300’00030’300UBS
SLHUJBSwiss Life Hldg. N0.4370’00030’100Bank Julius Bär
ROWGZURoche AG0.1300’00030’000UBS

Market Share and Turnover Total Value

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Charts: source SIX Swiss Exchange.

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