Derivatives: Tracking Idorsia AG – 18.12.2020 expiration in several options series coming up

Again, as part of my algo collection, I also scan derivatives transactions from companies with unsual volumes in derivatives, in order to understand important activity and investor positioning. The two graphs below show the market activity on the company Idorsia AG warrants for the trade date 2020-12-01.

Also note that Idorsia saw large off-exchange activity 2020-12-01, actually third largest on that trade date.

TimeSymbolISINIssuerPriceVolumeLast Trading Day
09:50:07IDIANZCH0447803971Zürcher Kantonalbank0,00110’00018.12.2020
10:55:58IDIAPZCH0447803989Zürcher Kantonalbank0,01575’00018.12.2020
11:03:29IDIAPZCH0447803989Zürcher Kantonalbank0,015125’00018.12.2020
11:08:18IDIAPZCH0447803989Zürcher Kantonalbank0,015360’00018.12.2020
11:55:44IDIAPZCH0447803989Zürcher Kantonalbank0,015600’00018.12.2020
12:13:17WIDAAVCH0490481717Bank Vontobel0,015’00018.12.2020
13:40:02WIDBSVCH0452160200Bank Vontobel0,311’00018.12.2020
16:22:59WIDA7VCH0567335424Bank Vontobel0,413’00018.06.2021
Trade time chronologically from left to right

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