Derivatives: Tracking Activity on Tecan Group AG

As part of my algo collection, I also scan derivatives transactions from companies announcing news the following day, in order to understand unusual or important activity. The two graphs below show the market activity on the company Tecan Group AG warrants for the trade date 2020-12-01. The trade sizes were nothing to write home about, at first glance. And especially when you compare it to activity in Vifor Pharma AG from 2020-11-30.

TimeValorSymbolISINIssuerPriceVolumeLast Trading Day
09:17:5755641400TECWJBCH0556414008Bank Julius Bär0,2660’00017.12.2021
09:24:0054754875TECRJBCH0547548757Bank Julius Bär0,988’00017.12.2021
09:46:3355641132TECTJBCH0556411327Bank Julius Bär0,239’00019.03.2021
12:20:1755641129TECGJBCH0556411293Bank Julius Bär0,4440’00017.12.2021
Trades chronologically from left to right.

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