China and Emerging Markets (EM) ETFs – growing trade activity, popularity

As the chinese and south east asian health care systems outperform the western civilisations‘ with regard to COVID-19 handling, so too does their economy and their equity market.

Some investors are considering these statements, as can be seen by the traded volume in ETFs focussing on China, but also on emerging markets (EM) ETFs. Important note: Over 40%(!) of EM trackers funds are invested in China, with another 10% each for Taiwan and South Korea. So all the EM ETF you see below, which are up approx. 16-17% this year, are invested in south east asia with over 60% of the fund.

Investors wanting to bet on China position in the world growing, are voting with their feet, by buying these ETFs.

List of Most Active ETFs in USD in Switzerland on 17.11.2020

ETFShortNameISINValorSymbolValorNumberUSD Turnover
314Invesco MSCI World ETFIE00B60SX394MXWO1012822419’199’647.20
839Lyxor MSCI AC APEJ – AccLU1900068328LYAEJ4520376816’951’467.00
759LY MSCI BRAZIL – ACCLU1900066207LYRIO4520978910’311’324.58
426iSh Core S&P500 USD AccIE00B5BMR087CSSPX107370419’537’236.20
1584ZKB GOLD ETF (USD)CH0047533549ZGLDUS47533546’835’640.40
510iSh Glob Clean Enrgy USD DisIE00B1XNHC34INRG32464655’401’304.96
370iSh $ TreasBnd 7-10 USD AccIE00B3VWN518CSBGU0102008004’092’644.28
1190UBSETF GOLD USD DISCH0106027193AUUSI106027193’666’340.89
855Lyxor MSCI World Information TLU0533033741LYTNOW116029153’584’996.25
868LYXOR S&P 500 UCITS ETFLU0496786657LYSP5111271043’554’287.52
285Invesco EQQQIE0032077012EQQQ15270103’173’074.85
425iSh Core MSCI Wrld USD AccIE00B4L5Y983SWDA106083882’708’986.23
1051SWC Physical Gold (USD) ACH0044781141JBGOUA44781142’501’860.80
592iSh MSCI Korea USD DisIE00B0M63391IKOR23088592’107’327.32
427iSh Core S&P500 USD DisIE0031442068IUSA13962521’963’033.59
1236UBSETF MSCI EM USD ACCLU0950674175EMMUSC219668361’925’959.37
416iSh Core MSCI EM IMI USD AccIE00BKM4GZ66EIMI242095171’919’442.42
629iSh Nasdaq 100 USD AccIE00B53SZB19CSNDX107376171’791’859.50
399iSh China LrgCap USD DisIE00B02KXK85FXC19634281’782’438.72
1123UBS FUND MSCI ACWI SF H-USDIE00BYM11J43ACWIU286502381’668’520.56
194DBX Harvest CSI300 DR ETFLU0875160326RQFI231191061’584’253.42
562iSh MSCI EM USD DisIE00B0M63177IEEM23088491’360’153.30
1125UBS FUND MSCI ACWI SF USDIE00BYM11H29ACWIA286500871’357’996.56
613iSh MSCI USA USD AccIE00B52SFT06CSUS107370151’318’138.65
1519X MSCI EM SWLU0292107645XMEM30672891’215’873.57
527iSh Gold (CH) USDCH0104136236CSGOLD104136231’199’868.16
548iSh MSCI China A USD AccIE00BQT3WG13CNYA278196101’182’319.37
618iSh MSCI Wrld ESG-Sc USD AccIE00BFNM3J75SAWD436958271’178’027.42
Top 28 ETFs in USDDate: 17.11.2020Swiss Exch.115’074’023.09

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