Most Active ETFs in Switzerland in USD and EUR

The first list shows you all the ETFs on the Swiss Exchange that traded over USD 1 million worth on 16th November 2020. It gives you a indication of which funds are most liquid, most sought after, best placed. The second list, same but in EUR. Note how much lower the EUR is in traded volume!

*** in USD ***

ETFShortNameISINValorSymbolValorNumberUSD Turnover
426iSh Core S&P500 USD AccIE00B5BMR087CSSPX1073704112’108’605.75
285Invesco EQQQIE0032077012EQQQ15270107’340’513.25
427iSh Core S&P500 USD DisIE0031442068IUSA13962526’956’213.69
868LYXOR S&P 500 UCITS ETFLU0496786657LYSP5111271045’453’174.20
510iSh Glob Clean Enrgy USD DisIE00B1XNHC34INRG32464655’199’686.92
1190UBSETF GOLD USD DISCH0106027193AUUSI106027195’139’199.56
887Lyxor T&R/CoreCommo CRB – AccLU1829218749CRB427641895’096’731.45
629iSh Nasdaq 100 USD AccIE00B53SZB19CSNDX107376174’065’461.40
1584ZKB GOLD ETF (USD)CH0047533549ZGLDUS47533543’236’352.00
1537X MSCI WORLD SWLU0274208692XMWO28253953’230’213.76
542iSh MSCI AC FE ex-JP USD DisIE00B0M63730IFFF23088782’675’712.00
425iSh Core MSCI Wrld USD AccIE00B4L5Y983SWDA106083882’499’903.93
441iSh DJIA USD AccIE00B53L4350CSINDU107376112’476’804.50
687iSh US PropYld USD DisIE00B1FZSF77IUSP27784901’942’085.76
319Invesco S&P 500 ETF AccIE00B3YCGJ38SPXS113589961’883’333.80
323Invesco S&P 500 UCITS ETF DistIE00BYML9W36SPXD298853631’830’844.80
614iSh MSCI Wlrd USD DisIE00B0M62Q58IWRD23087731’827’136.71
395iSh BRIC 50 USD DisIE00B1W57M07BRIC30673621’793’413.60
1325UBSETF MSCI World SRI USD DISLU0629459743WSRUSA130421501’771’305.88
562iSh MSCI EM USD DisIE00B0M63177IEEM23088491’712’334.91
548iSh MSCI China A USD AccIE00BQT3WG13CNYA278196101’609’158.98
1051SWC Physical Gold (USD) ACH0044781141JBGOUA44781141’578’682.00
295Invesco Financial S&P US SectIE00B42Q4896XLFS108548891’520’434.80
529iSh Health Innovate USD AccIE00BYZK4776HEAL333055471’513’138.64
416iSh Core MSCI EM IMI USD AccIE00BKM4GZ66EIMI242095171’506’941.37
462iSh Edg MSCI Wrld Valu USD AccIE00BP3QZB59IWVL255460051’422’692.85
1314UBSETF MSCI USA USD ACCIE00BD4TXS21USAUSW338586731’295’545.88
433iSh Digital Security USD AccIE00BG0J4C88LOCK418609311’285’297.27
1105UBS FUND CMCI COMP SF USD ACCIE00B53H0131CCUSAS119266031’167’705.60
1514X MSCI AC AJ SWLU0322252171XAXD36138581’113’528.87
400iSh CNY Bond USD DisIE00BYPC1H27CNYB293363461’106’244.39
1560X(IE) USA InxIE00BJ0KDR00XD9U242688961’031’334.78
1034SPDR S&P US Indust ETFIE00BWBXM724SXLI288056231’024’113.09
Top 33 ETF in USD on Swiss ExchangeDate: 16.11.202095’413’846.38

*** in EUR ***

ETFShortNameISINValorSymbolValorNumberEUR Turnover
874Lyxor STOXX EU 600 BanksLU1834983477LYBNK4276408712’115’063.54
402iSh Core ? CorpBnd EUR AccIE00BF11F565IEAA374061052’548’177.49
1582ZKB GOLD ETF (EUR)CH0047533523ZGLDEU47533521’904’272.20
1241UBSETF MSCI EMU EUR DISLU0147308422EMUEUA14290741’600’230.00
407iSh Core EuroStx50 EUR AccIE00B53L3W79CSSX5E107375731’471’984.80
1586ZKB Gold ETF hedged (EUR)CH0103326762ZGLDHE103326761’395’614.60
417iSh Core MSCI EMU EUR AccIE00B53QG562CSEMU107375871’285’586.84
526iSh Gold (CH) EUR-HCH0104136319CSGLDE104136311’123’278.22
1240UBSETF MSCI EMU EUR ACCLU0950668870EMUAA219668481’026’789.18
Top 9 ETF in USD on Swiss ExchangeDate: 16.11.202024’470’996.86

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