Dual Use Technology – Drones as Flamethrowers, Pest Control, Fire Extinguishing

A lot of interesting things can be done with drones. Currently the (enduser/high end retail) drones of choice for payloads over 1kg are the DJI S1000 and DJI M600. These drones are also the ones that can be used with flamethrower kits. Note that it can be vital in fighting fires to set counter fires in order to keep properties, livestock and humans safe. Another cost-effective use of flamethrowing drones is in very targeted burning off of problematic matters in hard to reach locations.

This chart shows you what kind of things go into a flamethrower drone, i.e. fuel tank, controller, voltage connection, fuel pump, ignition system.

Knowing how to control or neutralise such drones can be important, when they are used by nefarious organisations or governments. Therefor it is important to keep knowhow advantage and technology in „friendly“ hands.

An example of such a „friendly“ company is DroneShield Ltd (ASX: DRO) . Currently it is still what can be considered a penny stock (aka high risk!) and is waiting for a major breakthrough to guarantee any investor a dividend or capital appreciation, especially considering the ton of options cascading at higher strike prices (see their quarterly financial reporting).

DroneShield Ltd (ASX: DRO) 
VALOR: 32517202 / ISIN: AU000000DRO2 

If you’d like to discuss the risk reward proposition of transformative technology companies, have other suggestions for interesting companies or inputs in general regarding your views, feel free to comment or drop an email to contact@zuberbuehler-associates.ch.

Also consider these ETFs from SocGen Lyxor. However note that they have ESG filters (arms, defense, etc):

Investment Opportunities

LY Digital Economy ESG Filter, LU2023678878, EBUY (TER: 0.15%)
LY Disruptive Tech ESG Filter, LU2023678282, QBIT (TER: 0.15%)

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