Most actively traded ETFs in CHF in Switzerland*

This list of most actively traded ETF (in CHF) on SIX (Swiss Exchange) gives you an indication of which are popular, and more importantly liquid ETFs. Note that themes are a strong trend, especially ETF with ESG Filters (no tobacco, no arms dealers and producers, no oil exploration and similar).

ETFBezeichnungCHF TurnoverISINValorSymbolOwner
746LY Digital Economy ESG Filt13’621’477.61LU2023678878EBUYSocGen
747LY Disruptive Tech ESG Filt9’535’570.00LU2023678282QBITSocGen
426iSh Core SPI (CH) CHF Dis6’600’069.52CH0237935652CHSPIBlackRock
1445Vanguard S&P 500 ETF Dist6’471’012.00IE00B3XXRP09VUSAVanguard
576iSh MSCI Japan CHF-H Acc5’691’675.00IE00B8J37J31IJPCBlackRock
1589ZKB Silver ETF – H (CHF)4’621’371.25CH0183136024ZSILHCZKB
1349UBSETF SMI CHF DIS4’570’222.20CH0017142719SMICHAUBS
1577ZKB GOLD ETF4’152’042.40CH0139101593ZGLDZKB
1065UBS ETF EMU hdg CHF acc3’668’967.04LU1169819635EMUCHFUBS
750LY Future Mobility ESG Filt3’458’077.34LU2023679090ELCRSocGen
1581ZKB Gold ETF hedged (CHF)2’972’614.40CH0139101601ZGLDHCZKB
1351UBSETF SPI CHF DIS2’962’688.24CH0131872431SPICHAUBS
672iSh Swiss Div (CH) CHF Dis2’776’037.28CH0237935637CHDVDBlackRock
646iSh SMI (CH) CHF Dis2’557’448.82CH0008899764CSSMIBlackRock
364iSh $ TreasBnd 20+ CHF-H Dis2’075’801.40IE00BD8PH067DTLCBlackRock
1183UBSETF GOLD H-CHF DIS1’986’033.44CH0106027128AUCHAHUBS
401iSh Core CorpBnd (CH) CHF Dis1’884’822.80CH0226976816CHCORPBlackRock
408iSh Core FTSE 100 GBP Dis1’844’289.25IE0005042456ISFBlackRock
647iSh SMIM (CH) CHF Dis1’752’109.75CH0019852802CSSMIMBlackRock
1137UBSETF CMCI OIL CHF DIS1’421’558.95CH0116015352OILCHAUBS
1542X SWITZERLAND1’401’482.22LU0274221281XSMIDB?
789LYX SMI DAILY DBLE SHORT ACC1’343’432.24FR0010869438LYSSLSocGen
1586ZKB Silver ETF – A (CHF)1’164’204.00CH0183135976ZSILZKB
613iSh MSCI Wrld CHF-H Acc1’102’550.02IE00B8BVCK12IWDCBlackRock
1348UBSETF SLI CHF DIS1’011’971.52CH0032912732SLICHAUBS

As you can see from the pie chart, the market has some very large players. Notably missing: Credit Suisse, who made the monumental mistake of ignoring low TER ETF in their market strategy (i.e. selling their top performing ETF segment to BlackRock).

[*] based on 26 most active ETFs on 2020-11-11 (i.e. not representative for entire month, or even year). However it is an approximation of success in the ETF space in CHF denominated ETFs in Switzerland.

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Here an update for 2020-11-12, SocGen and Blackrock are the ones dominating:

ETF Market share on Swiss Exchange SIX in CHF, date 2020-11-12
ETFShortNameCHF TurnoverISINValorSymbolOwner
839Lyxor MSCI China UCITS ETF24’322’432.00LU1841731745LCCNSocGen
427iSh Core SPI (CH) CHF Dis23’838’695.94CH0237935652CHSPIBlackRock
648iSh SMI (CH) CHF Dis12’855’105.72CH0008899764CSSMIBlackRock
749LY Disruptive Tech ESG Filt7’082’571.94LU2023678282QBITSocGen
1353UBSETF SPI CHF DIS5’652’810.24CH0131872431SPICHAUBS
748LY Digital Economy ESG Filt4’944’800.00LU2023678878EBUYSocGen
1579ZKB GOLD ETF4’156’293.60CH0139101593ZGLDZKB
1544X SWITZERLAND3’259’310.34LU0274221281XSMIDB
402iSh Core CorpBnd (CH) CHF Dis2’633’990.58CH0226976816CHCORPBlackRock
850Lyxor MSCI USA Climate2’625’000.00LU2055175025CLUSSocGen
284Invesco EQQQ UCITS ETF CHF Hdg1’714’456.40IE00BYVTMT69EQCHInvesco
1588ZKB Silver ETF – A (CHF)1’661’800.30CH0183135976ZSILZKB
1351UBSETF SMI CHF DIS1’619’802.24CH0017142719SMICHAUBS
1366UBSETF US LIQ CORP H-CHF ACC1’556’875.82LU1048317538CBUSSUBS
1352UBSETF SMIM CHF DIS1’467’606.15CH0111762537SMMCHAUBS
395iSh CH GovBd 7-15 (CH) CHF Dis1’466’047.50CH0016999861CSBGC0BlackRock
961SPDR BB EMD Local Acc1’442’778.75IE00BFWFPY67EMDAStateStreet
1447Vanguard S&P 500 ETF Dist1’416’154.32IE00B3XXRP09VUSAVanguard
1587ZKB Platinum ETF – CHF1’339’855.80CH0183136057ZPLAZKB
786LYX EURO STOXX 50 DH CHF ACC1’173’474.30FR0012399731MSECSocGen
1583ZKB Gold ETF hedged (CHF)1’049’319.75CH0139101601ZGLDHCZKB
1185UBSETF GOLD H-CHF DIS1’021’024.62CH0106027128AUCHAHUBS

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