Seeing opportunity when others see negative headlines; example a cat in Ermatingen (where my business is based)

The last few days the Thurgau has been hit by heavy rainfall leading to light flooding. Reading the papers you’d get the impression this was just a horrible time for everyone. But it’s not. I have not seen more kids playing along the lakefront in the last 4 years. The puddles or flooded road sections and gardens are an absoulte treat for them: Close to home, safe (more or less).


What is normally sand and therefor beach volleyball is now water volleyball. (life gives you lemons, make lemonade mindset)


The following photos (I took on the afternon/evening of June 20th 2016) are a good example of what an independent asset manager is; like the cat an opportunistic hunter who seeks a chance to profit no matter what circumstances pop up. The cat either found a dead frog or maybe a drowned mouse or other small rodent. A cat is always in the mindset: If something interesting comes along, I’ll take a look. – I think that’s not bad advice for anyone watching the capital markets too.

cat0_ermatingen cat2_ermatingen cat1_ermatingenca3_ermatingen

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