Why Value Investing is a Good Choice for Your Nerves


The chart above illustrates very well, why value investing is a superior way of investing long term. For example the Global Value Fund (Tweedy, Browne) has been able to outperform in down and normal markets (left, center) and only underperformed in strong markets (right). When M&A gets heated you’ll be feeling pain, potentially, with a value investing portfolio or fund. But when the rainy days do come, you’ll have the best umbrella!


Practical step:

Looking at Tweedy, Browne Swiss Equity portion portfolio:

Name Investment %
ABB Ltd 40’043’593 3.39%
CIE Financiere Richemont AG 30’059’973 2.55%
Coltene Holding AG(d) 12’659’866 1.07%
Daetwyler Holding AG, Bearer 18’116’447 1.54%
Loeb Holding AG 428’308 0.04%
Nestle SA, Registered 208’491’495 17.68%
Neue Zuercher Zeitung(a)(f) 415’515 0.04%
Novartis AG, Registered 279’700’952 23.71%
Phoenix Mecano AG(d) 31’805’097 2.70%
Roche Holding AG 285’117’184 24.17%
Siegfried Holding AG(d) 44’311’142 3.76%
Tamedia AG 70’841’142 6.01%
Zurich Insurance Group AG 157’581’660 13.36%
Total 1’179’572’374 100.00%

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