BNP Switzerland Advertising: 325% Participation on Dividendstocks (Dividend Pearls)

BNP_Outperformance two pager v5 – DE

This ad was published on the website today.325prozent

The ad leads to the website



What surprised me was this payoff diagramm published in the two-pager for the 325% product.


What the investor needs to understand with this type of product: BNP will use the dividends to buy calls. This means that in a down market or one with sinking volatility, the return from this strategy will be 3-4% (the dividend yield of the stocks in the index) LOWER for the investor than if he’d have invested directly in the underlying stocks. That’s BEFORE costs of the structured product (outperformance tracker).

Cheap way to copy this strategy: Buy the high dividend paying stocks (dividend pearls) and whenever they pay the dividend reinvest that in call options.

Partizipation an
steigenden Kursen* Währung Valor Symbol ISIN
300% EUR 27420457 OPDIVE CH0274204574
225% CHF 27420456 OPDIVC CH0274204566
325% USD 27420460 OPDIVU CH0274204608

iSTOXX Europe Next Dividend Low Risk 50

The iSTOXX Europe Next Dividend Low Risk 50 Index monthly selects companies from the STOXX Europe 600 that will pay a dividend in the near future and have historically shown low volatility. In the first step, a liquidity filter of 10 million euros is applied. In the next step, remaining companies are sorted by increasing volatility and the top third (i.e. with low volatility) are selected. From that selection list, the 50 highest ranked companies that are going to pay a dividend in the next month are chosen as index components. If less than 50 companies will pay a dividend in the next month, the highest ranked companies which are not paying a dividend are selected to complete the index. All stocks are risk-weighted.

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