Swiss Winners of the SNB Decision January 15th; Phoenix Mecano

If you’re interested in which companies are not suffering as a result of the SNB decision, here’s one:

Phoenix Mecano has lost just 1% as of today (Jan 20th) vs the SMI drop of ~12% (figure 1). If you were to just look at figure 2, showing Phoenix Mecano revenue by country, and knowing the company is Switzerland based, you would assume that they were going to suffer due to the fact that such a huge part of revenue is in Germany. But, as can be seen from figure 3 with the employee location, just a fraction of their employees are located in Switzerland. Many are in Germany, Middle East / Far East, Rest of World. So this is one company that will not suffer from costs rising in Switzerland on a relative comparison.

Figure 1: Phoenix Mecano vs SMI pricesmi-vs-phoenix-mecano-snb-decision-chart-graph

Figure 2: Gross sales by regionphoenix-mecano-gross-sales-by-region-graph-chart-2013

Figure 3: Employees by regionphoenix-mecano-employees-by-region-2013

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