Swissquote Website At Maximum (or Overloaded) since EURCHF Cap-Drop Decision by SNB

I also noticed this first hand in the last two days:

While other media sites were coping well with high visitor flows, the Swissquote website was extremley slow or not spitting out quotes. At some points going into time-out mode.

Today the proof their system was maxed-out and not ready for such a surge in information demand:


The disturbing thing in Switzerland is, there’s not really any other site that is so user-friendly. From an customer/prospect point of view the information product Swissquote has to offer with regard to clarity, speed, overview, order book depth, volume and most active information has been unmatched in the last 10 years (with exception of Bloomberg, Reuters and the like terminals of course).

Even though sites like SIX Swiss Exchange spent a fortune on creating a new website a few years back, the user-friendliness just isn’t there. It’s not made for traders, nor for casual investors who want to quickly check the market volume, most active, read news.

Hell, some banks still show you there previous days closing price when you ENTER AN ORDER. Totally unbelievable. It should be minimum standard to show an order book to anyone entering an equity order. Everyone always talking about high standards and expertise in Switzerland really needs to get a grip with the fact that the take-up of technology is slow in most banks when it comes to trading. I still have to call in to place an SMI-future order for one client with one bank. Pre-2000 style.

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