Credit Suisse – Barrier Reverse Convertibles

Advertising on the website of for the Barrier Reverse Convertibles of Credit suisse on Danone, L’Oréal and Sanofi in EURO:credit-suisse-barrier-reverse-convertible-7-percent-2 credit-suisse-barrier-reverse-convertible-7-percent

Further information taken from website of Credit Suisse (the flash banner, of which I took screenshots, above linked to it)credit-suisse-barrier-reverse-convertible-7-percent-3


This is my graphical way of showing this product:



„If the value of the Underlyings decreases, the Final Redemption Amount may be substantially lower than the Issue Price. If a Barrier has been reached or breached during the Barrier Observation Period and the Final Level of at least one Underlying is below its Strike on the Final Fixing Date, the potential loss associated with an investment in Complex Products is linked to the negative performance of the Worst-Performing Underlying. Therefore, a total or substantial loss of the amount invested in Complex Products is possible, although any such loss is limited to the amount invested.“ Quote Term Sheet





Valor: 20214804
ISIN: CH0202148042
Ticker: CSAXI

Reason this product can be advertised as in first two images at top:

„The Complex Products do not constitute a collective investment scheme within the meaning of the Swiss Federal Act on Collective Investment Schemes (CISA). Therefore, the Complex Products are not subject to authorisation by the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA)  and potential investors do not benefit from the specific investor protection provided under the CISA. The Complex Products are structured products within the meaning of the CISA.“

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