Cost of Turning Off a Nuclear Power Plant

Example: Cost of Shutting Down a Nuclear Power Plant in Germany

Location: Obrigheim, Baden-Württemberg, Germany

Size: 375 MW (one of the smallest)

Type: Pressurized Water Reactor

Cost: EUR 500 million (calculated, estimated)

Mass: 275’000 tons that need to be chopped up (reduced to small pieces), part of that total needs to be decontaminated and packaged. 98% of the 275k tons can be re-entered into the regular waste cycle (recycable&reusable material, waste material, waste). 1% needs to be locked away. 1% needs to be safely deposited.

Larger Nuclear Power Plants are expected to cost EUR 1’000 million. That’s for quiescence, demolation and packaging of nuclear waste.

That’s before costs of final disposal/storage of nuclear waste material.

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