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Today I was reading the online financial news on and came across some ads deployed by Ligatus which is part of Gruner + Jahr GmbH & Co. KG which in turn is the largest European printing and publishing firm. Its headquarters is in Hamburg, Germany. Ligatus generates a lot of revenue from ads like this:


These ads basically promise 9-12% guaranteed or sure returns. Considering the current low interest rate (risk free rate) that is somewhere below 1% such promises or guarantees seem too good to be true.

In addition to (run by Agrofinanz GmbH) and other companies run ads on large news websites like and :


InvestInvent AG is supposedly (according to their website) only targeting HNWI, institutional investors and energy companies. This seems a strange way to target those people, i.e. with an ad telling you to call them (where promises and false statements can be made and less evidence is collected).

As a financial analyst and portfolio manager also looking out for private investors, I would have to advise against anyone handing over any money to these companies. Additionally I would put a question mark behind Ligatus and Gruner & Jahr ethics standards!

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