Bank am Bellevue (BBN) vs UBS and Credit Suisse (Charts & Short Comment)

Check out the outperformance of Bank am Bellevue (Ticker: BBN:SW) recently (6m) vs the two big players UBS and Credit Suisse share price performance:BBN-Chart-6m

1) Recent developments on EU regulation rules regarding access for banks without physical offices in the respective EU countries being lighter than previously believed, are helping sentiment. 2) Positive news flow regarding their US clients and possible fines. Bank am Bellevue believes they belong in category 3 of the US programme (topic: tax evasion; the banks in group 3 need to proove to US authorities that their clients are not guilty of wrongdoing with respect to tax crimes).

Taking a medium term chart (3y) and then a longer term chart (5y) it’s clear that BBN has been beaten down by the market and still not regained more than 50% of pre-crisis levels. This is partly due to old management overpaying for Swissfirst bank and subsequently writting off goodwill.BBN-3y-ChartBBN-5y-Chart

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