US IPO Market 2013 – Performance & Deals (Size) YTD

The following two charts show the performance of the newly issued/listed US shares in 2013 YTD aswell as the size of issues being placed. Note the performance is calculated on the assumption you were allocated shares at issue price and sold on close of the first day of trading. A total of 193 issuers placed shares. Left to right = November to January (2013). So the latest action is on the left hand side of the graphs…

US_IPO-Market_2013_Issue_Price_vs_Closing_1st_Day US_IPO-Market_2013

Had an investor been able to invest USD 10k in every issue, he would have returned over 16% YTD on every of the 193 (!) trades on average. The tricky part is of course not being given chicken size allocations in hot deals and full allocation in the lame ducks. That’s where a person comes in handy who’s following the markets daily and has a network of contacts. For example: If you had subscribed for USD 100k worth of Twitter and received just USD 5k of paper, but had subscribed 100k to Mavenir Systems and been allocated USD 100k worth,  your performance would be close to zero after fees even though Twitters‘ performance was over 72% and Mavenir Systems just down 3.5% (both on their respective day of issue).

Should you be interested in benefiting from the possibilities in the worldwide IPO market, feel free to contact me via the website contact form or facsimile. Should you need assistance opening a swiss bank account, I will also gladly help you.

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