UBS: Swiss Office Space Index – Supply exceeding Demand

Today I came across this article this article in the bi-weekly magazine „Bilanz Homes“.

Interesting to note that both large banks – Credit Suisse and UBS (Office-Investment-Index-DE) – come to the conclusion that the market is showing supply diverging away from demand.

UBS notes that the increase of 40-50’000 jobs contrasts the office space coming to market for close to 70’000 jobs.

This oversupply situation fits with anecdotal evidence I received 10 days ago when a lawyer sent me an investment prospectus for a project that would block investors money for 6 years and is structured as a loan to the property developer. A second anecdotal indicator: When driving along the route Ermatingen – Fruhtwilen the number of ‚for sale‘ signs has increased and appartments are still being constructed.

Here’s a graph from the September UBS report:




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